The English Teacher Games version of Monopoly focuses on native Spanish speakers pronunciation of ” TH “.

Spanish speakers greatly struggle to pronounce the TH sound in words such as THree, THirteen, THirty THree, THelma, THursday, THank you. The purpose of this Monopoly game is to work on TH pronunciation while having fun playing Monopoly.

Divide students into 2 groups. The English Teacher is to be the game host by holding the 30 flash cards. Simply hold up each flash card 1 at a time and have the ENTIRE class CHANT the words in English. THEN have an individual student read the card out loud. IF the English student correctly pronounces the entire sentence then their team wins the Monopoly card. The game ends by adding the grand total of MONOPOLIES in dollars to determine the winning team.

This is played very similar fashion as the Bingo games.