English Teacher Games has spent the past 4 years creating Bingo boards with flash cards containing breakfast, lunch, dinner, verbs and job occupation pictures on the front and sentences on the back from English teacher lesson plans and student books homework assignments ideal for a 10 student classroom in a 1 hour class. The Bingo games were originally designed for in classroom use as a 20 minute homework review tool but can also be used as a solo game exercise. If implementing the Bingo games as a homework intro or review tool it wont be possible to play BLACKOUT of the entire Bingo board in a 60 minute class using the student books and lesson plans. If time permits I highly encourage English teachers to play BLACKOUT of the ENTIRE Bingo board having the class chant the front and back of ALL flash cards.

The English Teacher is to be the game host by holding the 30 flash cards. Simply hold up each flash card 1 at a time and have the ENTIRE class CHANT the words in English. THEN have an individual student read the card out loud.

This is played very similar fashion as the Bingo games.